- Series meters TENZ2145: handheld with LCD display and battery
- Series meters TENZ2174: with LED display and output relays

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Force and weight meters are a digital measuring devices with a microprocessor that allows use a range of additional features. This is a tare function for setting the zero on the display when the sensor is non-zero, maximum value memory function, RS232, RS485 or USB measurement data transfer to computer, or other functions. The meters can be equipped with a DA converter to obtain an analogue output signal. The power supply is either 230V/50Hz (built-in power supply or 230V/12V AC adapter), 24V, or a rechargeable battery.

The force meters can be adjusted directly to the desired tensometric sensor parameters. This factory setting is then included in the technical documentation. nahoru

Tensometric meters series TENZ2145

Arrangement TENZ2145

Tensometric meters series TENZ2145 are portable meters powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. All devices are equipped with a reset button, battery status monitoring and faulty sensor signaling. Measured values are displayed on the LCD display with 2x8 characters and 10mm characters.
For USB or RS232 devices, PC software is available to calibrate and set up device parameters as well as transfer and archive measured data.
Tensometric meters series TENZ2145 are supplied in a plastic case that contains all the accessories provided.

Meter TENZ2145B

Tensometric meter TENZ2145B has a reset button and a maximum button and is equipped with a USB or RS232 communication interface. The display shows both the current measured value and the maximum value. The device setup and calibration is done using a computer. The software comes with a PC software that allows you to transfer measured data to your computer at up to 400 samples per second. The measured data can be stored on the computer's disk and also displayed as a graph.

Technical documentation Documentation in PDF format     


Tensometric meters series TENZ2174

Meter TENZ2174P Technical documentation TENZ2174P Documentation in PDF format

Tensometric meters series TENZ2174 are designed for DIN or panel mounting in switchboards. The measured value from the tensometr sensor is processed in the control microprocessor depending on the two calibration constants obtained from the calibration measurement. The device has two output relays with adjustable on / off values ​​for the TENZ2174P and TENZ2174D versions. For the TENZ2174T version, the second relay is used to monitor the power supply (with the appliance still on). Two galvanically isolated inputs enable blocking when the last measured value and tare remain on the display while the current measured value is being reset. All parameters are stored in the device memory and set up can be done with four buttons. The power supply is 24 V DC. At the customer's request, the meter can be built into another cabinet, and a larger display with a 20, 38, 57, 100 or 125 mm character height can be used.

Meter TENZ2174D Technical documentation TENZ2174D Documentation in PDF format Multilingual documentation TENZ2174T Documentation in PDF format




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